What goes around comes around?
What goes up must come down?
It’s called Karma, baby and it goes around

– Alicia Keys, Karma

Soo about last night…

Lately people have been coming to me with problems that involve babies. Whether it be that they are having trouble conceiving, they just found out that the person they thought was for them is having a baby with someone else or can’t have children, or that they are pregnant with a pregnancy that they aren’t sure they’re ready for. I’ve been listening to my friends and their pain and holding great pause at the end of their monologue so that I can offer them the right words to help them through.

I know there isn’t anything I can say to make them feel better really and there isn’t anything I can do unless I’ve somehow come into the ability to manipulate time and space. The torment is real emotionally and it takes its physical toll on both parties involved (provided that both are privy to the situation). I know there aren’t third parties who can make them feel better because there isn’t a third party who could make me feel better either; so I aim to provide insight. I aim to show them both sides of the situation in the hopes that they can use anything I’ve told them as a means of making a somewhat informed decision.

One friend of mine said to me through tears that he worried that he had missed his chance; that this was somehow his Karma for guilt-tripping women into having abortions back in the days when he screwed many and loved none. His penance for the pain he had inflicted on women whose only crime was that they loved him enough to believe his charming lies. He talked to me about how he had told a woman that he didn’t think at this time they should be having a child and that if she went through with the pregnancy she would be raising the baby alone because it was unfair of her to force him into parenting when he wasn’t ready. Continue reading