Everything is cool when love is all brand new
Cause you’re learning me and I’m learning you (it’s cool)
Cause you’re learning me and I’m learning you

-Musiq Soulchild – Newness

Soo about last night…

It’s Springtime.  First of all, thanks to this bitch season for finally showing up!  I was almost convinced that we were gonna remain in a tundra until Fall and then Winter would repeat itself.  

A long time ago, my girls and I would all pile into one of our parent’s apartments, sit on the balcony and talk about guys everything we could think of.  The first 20+ day of the year would unexpectedly roll through and by that night we were getting ready to go for a walk and talk about what we knew as “Spring Fever”.  It would be that feeling that would come over men and women alike that would lead us to make that “What’s up?” phone call or send that “How have you been?” text.  Spring fever is what made good girls bad and bad boys busy.

But every now and then you’d send/receive one of those calls or texts and they’d culminate into a cute date to the movies, the park, maybe a lunch date.  Exchanging texts back and forth about eachother’s day and when you’d get together again.  Suddenly you were out for ice cream holding hands and twirling atop the hills like Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music.

Sound of Music

That part of a romance that we constantly find ourselves chasing is what Musiq calls “Newness”.  It’s the part where you actually answer the phone when they call instead of sending it straight to voicemail, where you smile when the text notification shows up on your phone instead of kissing your teeth and when you want to spend all the free time that you have with that person.  I am admittedly addicted to newness, it’s an amazing rush and it’s a lot of fun.  Getting to know someone; their likes and dislikes, their history, their plans for the future.  It’s like starting a new job and getting to the point in the paperwork that talks about your benefits.

The trouble usually comes after that initial few weeks of newness when there aren’t anymore cute questions left to ask/answer and the only question you’re left with is “So what now?”  What do you do when you have enough information to decide whether or not to move forward and see what this could really be?  It’s tricky because cuffing season effectively ends around the time that Spring Fever starts and some people are conflicted between whether or not to take the gamble and lock it down for what is supposed to be chase ’em season.


I personally prefer relationships so I always hope that by the time the newness ends a relationship will begin and we’ll both be retired from the league by the time cuffing season rolls back around.  I don’t mind dating during the Spring/Summer because I love me some sundresses and strappy sandals and no one will ever appreciate my Summer Bunny wardrobe the way my man will.  He’ll look at me with all the lust in his eyes; but it’s heightened because he knows me as a person and is already crazy about my personality in addition to my looks so after a day where my cleavage skin is glowing and i’ve been switching my hips in that sundress, when we get home there will be an arched back and backshots some “relief” for a day’s worth of sexual tension.

I don’t want to believe that I spent my entire run of Spring Fever with you only to find that you spent my entire run of Spring Fever planning your next move away from me.  It’s a time for me when my flirt game is on 10, my hair stays LAIDT, my outfits always slay, my face is beat…basically, Spring Fever is when i’m EVERYTHING and I want to give that to you and you’re obviously not paying 100% attention if you were scheming on an escape plan. But as usual, I’m gettong ahead of myself.

The appeal of newness in a courtship/relationship is the same as anything else, “Look at this shiny thing!”


Of course there will always be the thought in the back of your mind about whether or not this will become something or stand the test of time, but that’s another thought for another day.

For once, do something different; enjoy the very thing that makes this stage so lovable. I dare you to try sending nudes something new.



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