The Only Thing Constant Is Change…

I started this blog with the express intention of documenting the ridiculous dates that I would go on while I tried to find just that “one”. Well as life would have it, after the struggliest of struggle dates, I didn’t really go on many dates. I actually blame you guys for that. Y’all are so interactive that I ended up spending most of my time sliding in dm’s requesting nudes talking to y’all on Twitter when I should’ve been out and about entertaining my fellow single folks.

No matter though, because I have to admit I love your company and I hope to have more of it. I just finished reading a blog from ending to beginning (over the course of a few days) and it made me realize that I wish I had a blog where I could talk about whatever I wanted; so this blog has changed a little. Instead of talking about struggle dates, I’ll talk about everything. My thoughts/feelings for the day, a funny story I might want to share, might even ask y’all for some answers in a segment I’m considering calling “Why Sway?”

I’ve got some characters in my life that you’ll meet, some from my past that I may reference if they’re relevant to the point I’m trying to make and of course I’ll add the new ones as they pop up. For now, let’s get acquainted. Tweet me @ladyblovebytes or drop me a line here and let’s talk all about last night!



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